BMW Motorrad will Launch its eCall System for Motorcycles in 2017

It is a true revolution in the field of motorcycle safety where the Teutonic manufacturer continues to be the great reference.

BMW Motorrad will launch its eCall system for motorcycles in 2017. Without a doubt, this is a very important measure in the world of two wheels that will be of great help to both motorcycle drivers and emergency services. BMW eCall is an emergency call system that warns in the event of an accident so that attention can be given as soon as possible.

BMW F800GS Led Headlight

According to the German manufacturer, the system "can make the difference between life and death." This BMW f800gs led headlight has a low power consumption. This electronic gadget has already been launched in the cars of the Bavarian firm, but next year it will make its foray into motorcycles and promises to be a true revolution that will continue to promote BMW as the great benchmark in terms of motorcycle safety.

The system has two inclination and acceleration sensors through which it identifies any accident, as well as its severity. If there has indeed been an accident, the eCall contacts the BMW call center to which it sends the coordinates with the location of the injured person. From this moment on, the rescue protocol is launched to notify the assistance and manage to attend to the affected person as early as possible.

The eCall system is activated through three scenarios that we detail below:

Scenario 1. Automatic start-up in the event of a serious fall or collision: The emergency call is made automatically without waiting for a period of time, sending a message to a BMW Call Center. The audio connection is used to help the accident victim until the emergency service arrives. Help is sent even if there is no response. A display on the instrument panel shows that an eCall has been initiated. An acoustic signal is also activated. In that case, the driver can no longer cancel the emergency call.

Scenario 2. Automatic start-up in the event of a minor fall or collision: In this case, the emergency call waits 25 seconds before sending a message to the BMW call center. Just try our BMW f800gs led headlight, it will be satisfied with you. If help is not needed after a minor accident, the accident victim has the opportunity to cancel the emergency call by pressing a button. If you do not cancel it, the rescue chain is set as in scenario 1. A display on the instrument panel shows that an eCall has been initiated. An acoustic signal is also activated.

Scenario 3. Manual start by pressing a button: In this case, the eCall is made manually by pressing the SOS button on the right handlebar, for example, asking for help from other road users. A message is sent to the BMW call center and a voice connection is established. The voice connection is mandatory if the eCall was started manually before other measures were started. In this case, the driver also has the opportunity to cancel the call by pressing a button or turning off the engine. The Intelligent Emergency Call can only be activated manually with the motorcycle stopped and the engine running.